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Implant Accelerator

Prosthetically Driven Implant LIVE Surgery Training

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Take Your
Implant Skills
to the Next Level!

Three full days of live patient surgery. This course is designed to gain a basic understanding of dental implant surgery and advance your implant dental techniques through exercising the most innovative approaches in bone regeneration, implant placement, and other surgical procedures. Patients with various levels of surgical complexity are pre-selected to match your clinical skills.

You will receive 28 CEOs upon completion of the course.

Training Includes:

  • Single Implant

  • Immediate Implant

  • Anterior Esthetic Implant

  • Socket Shield Technique

  • GBR with Sticky Bone

  • Full Arch FP1/FP3

  • Sinus Augmentation (lateral & Crestal)

  • Soft Tissue Management

  • Piezo-electric Surgery

  • Flap Design and Suturing

  • Phlebotomy for PRF/CGF


Course Faculty

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Dr. Kevin Kim

FGDIA | Kois Graduate

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Dr. Andrew

Dr. Ku smiling at the camera

Dr. John Ku

FGDIA | Kois Graduate


Simplifying GBR
with Sticky Bone


Course Description

This course will introduce the clinical benefits of using concentrated growth factors (CGF) to enhance healing and maturation of hard and soft tissue. The various bone grafting procedures include socket grafting, ridge augmentation, as well as sinus augmentation procedures. We will introduce Sticky Bone and evaluate the ease of clinical use and effectiveness.

Dr. Ku smiling at a patient in the treatment room

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the principles of guided bone regeneration, flap-management, and suturing

  • Appreciate the advanced techniques in Sticky BoneTM protocol

  • Apply Autologous Concentrated Growth Factors and Stick BoneTM in surgical procedures

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Hands-On Training

  • Phlebotomy Practice

  • How to prepare Stick BoneTM and CGF

  • Incision, Flap Release/Advancement, and Suturing Practice on a Pig Jaw

About the Instructor

Dr. John Ku received his implantology training from Dr. Jin Y Kim and Prof. DS Sohn, the makers of Sticky BoneTM. As a graduate of the Kois Center, Dr. Ku combines his prosthetically driven treatment planning and his surgical skills to bring the optimal care for his patients. Dr. Ku enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience with his colleagues through study clubs and lectures.

Dr. Ku at W+ Dental