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Complete Smile

Complete Smile Restoration
with All-on-X

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“I hate my dentures!”
“Nothing seems to work!”
“I’m tired of trying to fix my teeth!”

Don’t give up. We can help.


Are you missing multiple lower or upper teeth? If so, Dr. Ku has helped people just like you experience the magic of complete smile restoration. He combines the revolutionary All-on-X dental implants and hybrid dentures to deliver a smile you’ll love.


Benefits of
All-on-X Complete
Smile Restoration

  • Show off your stunning new smile

  • Eat foods you love

  • Say goodbye to annoying denture problems

  • Enjoy strong, secure, natural-looking teeth

Seems impossible? We’ve listened to our patients share stories of frustration and hopelessness. And then we’ve had the amazing privilege of helping them experience personalized and stunning smile restorations. Don’t lose hope. Dr. Ku would love to make the impossible a reality for you as well.

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Over 35 Million People

Over 35 million people in America are missing all of their upper or lower teeth. If you’ve dreamed of a permanently restored, natural-looking, and fully functional smile, All-on-X implants with hybrid dentures may be the life-changing solution you need.

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Customization +

We understand that every smile is different, so we customize every smile design around you and your needs. Before treatment we’ll walk you through every phase of the All-on-X process so you have clear expectations, starting with a professional assessment by Dr. Ku to make sure the All-on-X solution will work for you. Schedule your consultation today and we’ll help you get started on the path to a smile you’ll be proud to share.


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What is All-on-X Smile
Restoration Treatment?


As a removable denture alternative, All-on-X is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Dr. Ku creates a personalized treatment plan designed specifically to fit your smile needs.

Implant placement

Based on the specific solution required for your smile, Dr. Ku will expertly place four to eight dental implants to support a full and permanent arch of naturally shaped crowns.

Arch attachment

Your new arch of teeth is attached to the implants, replacing all of your upper and/or lower teeth.

Smile restoration

Share your new smile with the world.


During your main treatment visit, you will receive your implants and a natural looking and secure transitional set of teeth. A few months later, Dr. Ku will place your final set of teeth.


How are All-on-X Dental Implants Different?

In the past, each dental implant was placed one-by-one to replace multiple teeth. With the revolutionary All-on-X treatment, we place multiple implants at the same time to securely anchor your new set of teeth.

As a safer and more secure alternative, All-on-X provides a permanent, natural looking solution that allows you to eat the foods you love and smile with confidence.

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All-on-X Cost
– What to Expect

All-on-X smile restoration is an investment, but the results are life-changing.

During your consultation, we will evaluate your smile before providing you with a transparent and accurate estimate based on your unique situation. For your convenience, we offer a variety of flexible payment options, including financing. Rest assured that we are passionately committed to helping people achieve complete smile restoration.

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Are All-on-X Dental Implants Painful?

Patient comfort is a priority for Dr. Ku and his team. Our approach to sedation will allow you to experience a relaxed state throughout your treatment. After the treatment, you may experience some temporary discomfort related to the surgery.


Will All-on-X Complete Mouth Restoration Work for Me?

The only way to know for sure that All-on-X is right for you is to schedule your no-obligation consultation with Dr. Ku. But if you find yourself in any of the situations listed below, All-on-X may be the perfect fit for you.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Have you struggled your whole life to keep your natural teeth, but nothing seems to work?

Do you hate wearing dentures?

Are you tired of treatments that never solve the real problem?

Are you missing more than six lower or upper teeth, or do you have more than six that need to be replaced due to decay?

Would you like a permanent solution for missing teeth?

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If you’re ready to restore your smile,we’d love to help you.

Schedule your All-on-X consultation with Dr. Ku today.