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Dr. John Ku is the dentist of dentists

Dr. John Ku is the dentist of dentists. He is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced dentists I’ve met. It is his passion for excellence that makes the care he provides predictable and beautiful. I am a dentist, and my colleagues and I only trust Dr. Ku to work on us. Thank you, Dr. Ku, for enhancing my smile to the way I always envisioned!

Dr. Chris K.
Hypoallergenic brown puppy in the office

my favorite dentist of all time

W Plus is my favorite dentist of all time. Dr Ku and his staff are very professional, helpful, thorough, and friendly. They really listen to their patients and are great communicators. Cleanings are excellent and comfortable. Office is beautiful and convenient. They even have a sweet hypoallergenic dog named Bali available for cuddles! We moved to the suburbs and still go with W Plus because we app them so much. Highly recommend!

Sarah E.

My go to place
for dental care

My go to place for dental care, regardless of in network or not. Dr. Ku is of course the best, very good “bedside manner”. They use all the latest tech also. The new hygienist Jess solved a years long sensitivity problem I had and is very accommodating to my needs. Also Michael at the front desk is great and goes above and beyond every time, very good guy. Highly recommended all around!

Alex R.

I strongly recommend Dr Ku AND HIS TEAM

I strongly recommend Dr Ku and his team! First time I walked in was to ask for information and see the environment. Michael has been so welcoming, friendly, professional and helpful, the environment very professional and clean, that I booked immediately appointments for my husband and myself. So glad I did! I have very sensitive teeth / gums, water and air during the regular hygiene bother me a lot. Dr Ku uses advanced technologies and for the first time in my life I didn’t feel anything! My mouth was soo clean and teeth brighter without feeling any discomfort during the whole hygiene procedure. Not to mention the kindness of Dr Ku and his assistant. My husband was very happy too, he knew he had to do some major works and asked Dr Ku as a second opinion: explanations were crystal clear and definitely made sense (not so obvious with other dentists).

Barbara N.

Best dental care in the area

Best dental care in the area! Dr. Ku and his team are extremely knowledgeable, kind, and efficient. Dr. Ku truly cares about the
well-being of his patients. His state-of-the-art equipment cut the time in half that it normally takes for a cleaning and it was actually a very enjoyable process!! Thank you for the great experience!

Christiana F.
Woman smiling at a dental assistant looking at a mouth model in the office

both compassionate and competent

This is my first Google review ever and I’m writing one because that’s how amazing Dr. Ku and his staff are. Dr. Ku and his staff are both compassionate and competent. They will always offer you all available options for your dental problems and let you know of the pros and cons of each option. This office is truly a transparent business with the goal of helping everyday people like myself with their dental health and hygiene. I’m leaving DC, and I can only hope to find a similar dental office like Dr. Ku’s.

Noah L.

Procedures are faster and hurt less

Let’s be honest, we have all been to some crummy dentists. In fact, I used to think that my old dentist was great…they weren’t. W Plus isn’t a good dentistry practice, it’s a *great* one. It’s spotlessly clean, appointments are normally available in less than a week, and cancellation policies are reasonable. They are upfront about their pricing, and they take most insurance. Even if those were the only Pros, it would probably be enough to make them better than your other dentist. Add to that the fact that they have the latest technology (Handheld X-ray Machines!?) and the dentists I’ve seen (Dr. Ku and Dr. Wolf) seem to be up to date on their study, have great bedside manner, a lot of patience, and are very very good at being dentists. Procedures are faster and hurt less, in my experience. It’s been a pleasure watching Dr. Ku’s practice grow over the last few years. Stop looking for better dentists, this is the one you want.

Jeremy T.

Integrity, care
and excellence

W Plus Dental is exceptional from the front desk to dental assistants, hygienists, to Dr. Ku. They are extremely professional, take advantage of the latest technology and practices, and only recommend what is necessary. The trust level with a dentist is one of the most important things, and I completely trust their diagnosis and recommendations. They are also very gentle and made me feel comfortable with what they were going to do, comfortable while they did, and provided excellent follow up care after. Integrity, care and excellence are all words I would use to describe this practice. I highly recommend W Plus Dental.

Robb S.
Dr. Ku showing a man the professional camera and lighting to take after photos of smiles