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Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction Q&A

When Should a Tooth be Extracted?

Dentists might recommend a tooth be extracted if it is damaged, broken, decayed, impacted, or causing some type of damage to the structure of the mouth. Wisdom teeth that are coming in sideways or are too large to fit in the space at the back of the mouth may need to be extracted. If a tooth is irreparably damaged due to repeated fillings, cracks, or cavities, the dentist may choose to pull it and put a dental implant in its place. Extracting teeth that are damaged will reduce the number of toxins and bacteria that are produced in the mouth. Damaged teeth can cause a wide variety of health problems including infections and a depressed immune system.

Do Wisdom Teeth Always Have to be Removed?

Individuals who have the necessary space in the back of the mouth for the wisdom teeth to erupt without damaging the surrounding teeth will not have to have them pulled. In some cases, the wisdom teeth are not overly large and will grow in without any structural problems in the jaw. If a person has an unusually small jaw line, they may have had a molar or two pulled prior to the eruption of the wisdom teeth to prevent overcrowding. If this is the case, there may be enough room for the wisdom teeth to grow in without incident or impaction.

What is an “Impacted” Tooth?

An impacted tooth is one that grows in at an odd angle or sideways and puts pressure on the teeth or the boney structures that are next to it. When a wisdom tooth is impacted, it is often trapped between the jaw bone and the tooth that is next to it. The pressure that is created as the wisdom tooth attempts to push through the gums can actually push the rest of the teeth and cause crowding. In this situation, a tooth extraction is called for. If the wisdom tooth is not fully erupted through the gum the dentist may have to cut the gum tissue and break the tooth into smaller parts so that it can be easily removed.

What Happens to Teeth That Are Extracted?

Conventionally, when teeth were extracted, they went into the biohazard waste bin, meaning they are thrown out. However, at W Plus Dental, Dr. Ku has invested in the newest technology that can utilize these extracted teeth for patient’s benefit instead of throwing them out! This advanced technology is one of its kind and is very beneficial to patients who need bone graft and implants. Feel free to schedule your consultation to learn more about how we can recycle your hopeless teeth.